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Listen to internet radio with the best radios and web radios in the UK, free and easy. Find your favorite stations. BBC, Heart Radio, Magic Radio, Kiss FM, talkSport, Smooth Radio, Planet Rock, ...
To listen to the radio you can select the station of your choice in one click.

How to listen to online radio on the Internet?

To listen to online radio free on the Internet, you only need a device with an Internet browser...

Listen to online radio on a computer

  1. Go to on your web browser!
  2. Choose the radio station you want to listen to!
  3. Hit the play button!
  4. Add the page to browser favorites if you like it!

Listen to the radio live on mobile

  1. Go to on your mobile browser!
  2. Choose the radio station you want to listen to!
  3. Hit the play button!
  4. Place the website icon on home screen via the mobile browser menu!

How to listen to Internet radio in the car?

Most cars allow you to pair smartphones with the car radio via Bluetooth. (In the Bluetooth menu of the car control panel.) Then, as soon as you start listening to your favorite radio on your mobile, the sound comes out of your car's speakers. (from AUX input)

Can I access my favorite FM radio even from abroad?

Yes. Whether you live abroad, traveling or on vacation, you can listen to your favorite radio anywhere, all you need is access to the Internet.

Is listening to webradios free?

Yes, the service is free. At the same time, the audio stream involves some data traffic, so the data traffic limit should be kept in mind.

You can listen to radios LIVE on the internet easily!
We offer you a list of the most popular radio stations.
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