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TalkSport2 is a popular radio station in the UK, dedicated to analyzing, discussing, and debating the latest sports news from around the world.

TalkSport2 provides an entertaining mix of opinion and discussion on the latest sports news, and the topics covered range from the Premier League to international football. The show also looks at the wider issues surrounding sports, such as the financial aspects and the impact of the game on society.
The show is highly interactive, with listeners being invited to call in and share their opinions, which enables a lively and informative debate about the current topics. The show also features interviews with some of the biggest names in sport, the hosts often asking probing questions that can lead to some interesting insights.
One of the great things about the station is that it offers a great opportunity to learn more about the game. The presenters often look at the tactics that teams are using and explain why they are successful or unsuccessful. This can be invaluable to any fan trying to understand the game better.
The show is also great for sports fans who lack the time or opportunity to watch live football. TalkSport2 often offers a comprehensive review of the weekend's action and this helps to keep fans up to date with the latest results and developments in the game.

  • Phone: 087 1722 3344
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  • Address:
    talkSPORT2 UK
    18 Hatfields,
    London, SE1 8DJ
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