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Cross Rhythms is a Christian radio station based in the UK. The station broadcasts nationwide and offers a wide variety of music, programs and news.

The station was founded in 2002 by a group of Christian musicians and radio presenters. They had a vision of creating a station that would bring together music from different Christian traditions and cultures. This vision has been achieved and Cross Rhythms remains one of the most popular Christian radio stations in the UK today.
The station broadcasts a range of music styles, from traditional hymns and worship songs to modern praise and worship music, as well as Christian rock and pop. There is also a selection of Christian talk shows and news programmes, providing listeners with up-to-date information on faith-related topics. The radio also hosts regular events, such as concerts and conferences, providing listeners with the opportunity to meet and interact with other Christians.
Listening to Cross Rhythms can be an uplifting and inspiring experience. The music is uplifting and encouraging, while the talk shows provide an opportunity to learn more about faith and to engage in meaningful conversations with other listeners. The station also provides its listeners with the chance to connect with the wider Christian community, allowing them to share their faith and experiences with others. The station is a great way to stay connected to the Christian faith, no matter where you are.

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