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KISSTORY is a Brittish radio station that plays nonstop classic and modern hits from the past and present. The station is unique in that it broadcasts a wide variety of music from different eras.

Whether it’s classic rock from the 60s or the latest hip-hop from the 00s, KISSTORY has it all. The radio also has a wide variety of special programs and shows that are tailored for different audiences. It’s an ideal choise for those who want to relive their favorite songs from the past and reconnect with the music of their youth. It’s a great way to remember the good times and enjoy the hits from the past.
It’s great for anyone who wants to be in the know about the newest releases and stay up to date on the music scene. The station also features interviews with artists and music industry professionals, giving its listeners an insider’s view of the music business.
KISSTORY is the perfect for anyone looking for an easy-listening experience that still provides plenty of variety and interesting new music.

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